About the famous designer from Toronto!

Wesley Badanjak is a designer from Toronto. She makes high quality designer clothing without the unattainable prices! 

As a teenager, Wesley's love of fashion began through her impeccable sense of personal style and shopping at thrift stores. She would transform second hand clothes into unique and trendy pieces. After many years she decided to start designing her own clothing line after studying pattern making at Central Technical School in Toronto.

The line is made from vintage fabric that she cuts, sews and embellishes by hand. The patchwork process makes each piece special and completely one-of-a-kind!

Her line is a variation of different styles including traditional African prints, southwestern themes and classic varsity jackets. The majority of the pieces are adorned with found objects such as buttons, beads, patches and pins. Wesley has been featured in many blogs from Canada to Belgium! Her work can also be found in boutiques throughout Toronto where she lives. She's now begun her own Personal Project which will allow people all around the world view her collection through a gallery hosted on her blog! And she won the money to produce her clothing line at online casino , which is listed as one of ! Thanks to a reliable license, fast payouts, a great variety of games, this casino is popular with gamblers!

"I love wearing my clothes because they're original and nothing like what you'd find anywhere else." - Wesley Badanjak.

What are her favorite colors?

Wesley: “Bunny Pink, Mellow Green, Chocolate Brown, Grapes Purple, Storm Gray.  I also like flesh tone colors very much!  It might be related to the fact that I draw manga”.  

On Twitter she stated: "For example when you're happy, your skin changes color slightly don't you think?  Yes.. this flower color skin tone is my favorite". This led us to the conclusion that she might also be a fan of monochromatic colors.

What are her hobbies?

Wesley: “Reading, watching movies, listening to music, playing with my hair...  I also like picking up the style of people I see.  Then I try to make sense of them by drawing it.

She loves to draw in her free time. It is quite understandable that she would then be interested in designing clothes too! Her favorite artists are Hirohiko Araki (Japanese manga artist), James Jean (American comic artist) and Dali (Spanish surrealist painter).  Prolific Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto was also rumored to have influenced Wesley's fashion choices since he showcased some of his works at this year's Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Week held at Tokyo Midtown”.

How does it feel to have become so popular in Toronto?

Wesley: “I'm very happy because I can now do things I want to do by myself.   But on the other hand, there are so many people who love me now... it is quite hard to handle them all. I would appreciate it if they could understand this feeling of mine!".

It seems that Mika has her own share of problems too, but then again isn't that what makes us relate with her better? We all have real lives with our own sets of problems. If stars were perfect creatures who thrived without any hindrances, most probably wouldn't be so eager to see them.

How Wesley became passionate about design:

“When I was a teenager I had quite an interest in fashion but never had the money to spend on clothes 

As my creativity continued to grow, I began thrifting and would find items such as second hand blazers with satin lining and buttons. I would add stuff such as zippers and patches from different clothing lines so the baggy pieces became more relevant to me! I loved wearing my outfits because they were unique and detailed; no one else had anything like them", - Wesley Badanjak.

This is the perfect example of a woman who has taken her personal style and turned it into something that empowers women around the world without breaking their budget!She's my inspiration and I firmly believe that what she is doing will contribute to ending poverty one day! Keep it up, Wesley!